Gian Claudio Scarafini

BIM and Programmer Systems Designer


About me


As demonstrated by my professional experience and studies in architecture, BIM, and digitally built environments, I am resourceful, self-motivated, and results-driven. My professional profile involves BIM. I frequently cover a key rule that supports architectural and engineering practices to achieve and streamline their objectives. Throughout my career, I have always adapted my approach to suit the specific constraints, which are the needs and requirements of each client. Towards achieving goals, I strongly believe in the value of teamwork and collaboration. My experience in the AEC industry spans almost a decade. By doing so, I gain the ability to assist in the construction stages of projects, provide support to the project team during the pre-construction phases, and contribute to the timely completion of tasks that are of high quality, cost-effective, and of high quality. It is often my responsibility to brief on bottlenecks and analyze retroactive issues relating to BIM workflows and constraints and give solutions.


I am a strong advocate for ongoing personal and professional growth. As a result, I allocate both time and resources to enrolling in courses that enhance my skill set. Following my studies in BIM, during which I gained a deep understanding of Lean Design Thinking and the concept of Error-Proof Just-in-Time methodologies, I made the decision to further broaden my expertise into Full Stack development. My aim is to create user-friendly tools that not only streamline processes but also bridge the gaps between various tools using APIs. This endeavor aligns perfectly with my belief in the power of holistic and interconnected solutions. Through this journey of continuous learning, I'm excited to contribute to the evolution of technology in meaningful ways.



Common Ground of Projects

Each project is shaped by constraints involving resources, time, and expenses. To adeptly handle these factors, I harness the tools I possess—such as programming languages (Python, JavaScript, Ruby, C#), Revit, and the available time on weekends and holidays. Another critical facet is knowledge, integral to my ongoing growth. I'm setting progressively intricate goals, conducting code reviews, comprehending user requirements. By doing that, I have established a routine that has allowed me to gather all these lessons learned and begin to see them come together. I will list only few projects.

List of Projects